Twitter marketing is one of the most heard terms, in recent times. What is Twitter marketing? What are the benefits of Twitter marketing for a real estate agent?  Twitter is defined as a micro-blogging site which means that you can insert only 140 characters in a single post or a blog-like in which whatever you post is viewable directly. To view any post, you just have to type the related keywords. For example, if you type ‘real estate’, you would get all the links related to it and then you can ‘follow’ these people who post on their Twitter accounts. Once you start following the people of your interest, you would be automatically updated when they post something.

You can benefit from Twitter marketing for real estate when you start following the posts of relevant accounts on Twitter. As a real estate agent, if you post a message about a certain property to be sold at a certain price, this post will reach all the people following you. As soon as you post, anyone looking out for properties in that category would get your update and contact you immediately. The greatest benefit of Twitter marketing of real estate is that it allows you to get exposure by the people who follow you and in your properties which are listed by you.

Another benefit of Twitter marketing for a real estate agent is that you can connect to people while reading their posts for requirements. For example, if you read that someone has posted ‘Looking for a nice, cozy house. Where to look for?’, you could immediately revert with your options and availabilities. Twitter makes it possible for the real estate agents to connect with people on a personal level on an immediate basis.

One more advantage of the Twitter marketing for real estate is that you can use a feature called, ‘Twitter Adder’. With the help of this tool, Twitter allows the users and to form a group of friends very easily and also lets you be friends on Twitter. The tool also allows you to send out bulk auto emails to the list of friends in your list. This is the major benefit of Twitter marketing for real estate. Capturing such a large audience with the help of your friends on Twitter allows you to know the requirements of clients and offering them with the best options.


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