Thanks for taking the time to visit us and hopefully we can serve you and your real estate business. I own a successful social media marketing firm that I have started 6 years ago. Since that time I have built multiple spin offs to that company and have acquired a professional team of hard working social media ninja’s along the way. I have noticed a huge need for Canadian real estate agents for social media marketing and have built RealtorSocialMarketing to fill that void. Currently their are no other companies out their that specialize in SMM solely for real estate agents in Canada.

Their are a lot of website design firms that do it as a sub service but who wants a web designer handling all your social marketing right or a SMM company that does it for everyone but specializes in nothing. I also know what kind of marketing and content is needed for maximum results as I to was a Canadian Realtor. Our social media packages have been designed from the ground up for Canadian agents. I personally handle all the customer service for this company so when you call or email with any questions you will be talking to me personally. I look forward to building a long term business relationship with you!

As a real estate professional you have a busy life. Paperwork, home showings, real estate research, and meetings with clients are only a few things you are doing every single day. You know that you have to get your marketing and branding together for your online presence but you can’t find time to do it. Social media marketing requires hours out of your day researching relevant content to share with your audience and strategy. It is a very daunting task so it remains on the backburner of your To Do lists.

I understand. That is why I have created RealtorSocialMarketing. My team of Canadian real estate social media specialists will take on all of those tasks for you. We research current trends in the Canadian real estate market and in your community so we can post the most relevant local content possible to really provide value to your Canadian clients.

Dealing with a Canadian local boutique business has many benefits. We can really focus on your brand and we treat every clients project as if it were our own. We strive for excellence and results.  Whether it be a blog article that is different from all of your competitors and personalized to fit your brand or hiring us to breathe life into your social media platforms so you can sleep easy at night knowing we are on top of it! The beauty of social media marketing is that it works for you 24/7 and builds trust, confidence, and your brand for existing or potential clients.